Luen Pun Enterprise Group Limited was established in 1980. We are one of the most leading supplier of beverage and catering industry in Hong Kong over 40 years.

As the role of one-stop shop, we have good reputation of providing convenient services to customer for high-quality commercial refrigerators, freezers, cold storages systems, cookwares, food processors, cutlery and miscellaneous utensils.etc. As Luen Pun expands with our flagship store opens, Luen Pun is gaining fame from household customers as well. We are the exclusive re-seller of a number of high-end international cookware brands such as, Debuyer, Lacor and Kiya.

Engineering department is set up to take the responsibility of repair and maintenance. Meanwhile, it offers quality control and product designs for customized projects.

Luen Pun retail stores are all over Hong Kong. We are not only representing famous brands of refrigeration equipments but also providing electronic cookwares, food processors and cutlery. The goal of us is to satisfy customers’ needs in all sectors with our experience.

You will find so many things that are not even available in ordinary department stores, because that is what we do. A control knob of your oven? Yes we do! A household blender? Dozens of choice. A commercial freezer? We nail it.